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Hellooooo...... I thought I should add a little about myself and how I came to be blogging about all things papery!

I have been paper crafting for about 10 years, maybe more? I started by making cards and scrapbooking. I have been interested in photography since I was at school where we had to use 'old fashioned' cameras and develop our own film for a project. I got really into making art type shots and developing them with different effects. Even though nowadays my photos are taken with a DSLR and basic editing is done with a MacBook and apps, the pictures are still linked to my love of presenting them with a pretty background.

Scrapbooking an album can take a week or a lifetime. There are some I still have to finish from many years ago! This love of scrapbooking for me, soon developed into more card making and eventually making my own albums and notebooks. Using the same skills but without the photos. This took me to following blogs and YouTubers from all over the world. Plus subscribing to craft kits from America to get the latest products.

Soon family and friends wanted me to make things for them too so I started my Facebook page 'Pocket Full of Pickles', its no secret that my love of all types of pickles was the reason for this choice of name! Haha!

I love having my crafty Facebook page and even though I don't make as many pretties as I used to I have made so many lovely crafty friends it has been a great experience. The support and friendship really spurs me on to keep learning new techniques and producing new ideas. So much so that I took the plunge this year and opened my website and second Facebook page 'Pickle Paper Patch' -yes more pickles! I do really like those things you know!

This is a website not for buying my handmade projects, but for paper craft supplies and 'Pickle Packs'! What are pickle packs I hear you ask? Surely there are not packs of pickles? Hee hee!

Pickle Packs are monthly paper craft kits hand picked by me to bring you a great coordained selection of paper crafting goodies, ideal for scrapbooking, card making, journaling, mixed media and more!

But this blog isn't just for me to sell sell sell, although thats always a bonus! This blog is for reviewing products, demonstrating techniques, showing my DT (design team) makes for other craft companies, telling you about my love of good coffee, as well as pickles! Of course I will be using the Pickle Packs to show you some of these things, but mostly I want to show you a hobby that I have grown to love more and more and hope that you do to!

Thanks for reading

J xx

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